Youtube : Renée-Louise Live

Hi. My name is Renée-Louise, but nobody calls me that, they just call me Renée. I’m a 22 year old British Nigerian, who has studied Geography at both GCSE & A-level. I am currently studying Economics at University, whilst trying to see as much of the world as possible.

So far, I have visited 5 different continents and 32 different countries, some of which include; Florida, South Africa, Turkey, Dubai, St.Vincent and my homeland Nigeria.

For as long as I can remember, it has always been a tradition to take at least one vacation a year. However, being older has enabled me to travel independently which means that I get away as much as I possibly can. Sometimes it is planned, but sometimes it is wildly spontaneous.

I participate in a range of different exciting activities to make the most of each trip. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

To summarise:

  1. I love travelling
  2. I’m rather adventurous/spontaneous
  3. I love meeting new people
  4. I’m fascinated by the history of different cultures
  5. I capture some pretty good footage of my trips
  6. I love to do as many activities as possible

I hope that this travel blog can be informative, enlightening and inspiring. Follow to keep up with my exciting travels and for regular posts!